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Digital marketing that delivers results

TEMBO DIGITAL is a team of specialists within our wider in-house agency team at TEMBO IMPACT.

The DIGITAL team specialise in delivering high-quality and impactful digital marketing support for our clients, specifically in:

Website Management and Optimisation

We ensure that your website is optimised for search engines. We perform keyword research, metadata optimisation, content updates, and conversion tracking setup. By continuously refining your website, we drive organic traffic, increase conversions, and improve overall performance.

Website Analytics Setup and Management

We set up website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, and configure pixels and tags for accurate tracking. We manage these tools, providing valuable insights into user behaviour, campaign performance, and conversion tracking.

Landing Page Setup and Management

Creating compelling landing pages is essential for driving conversions. We design, set up and manage landing pages that align with your PPC advertising campaigns. We optimise elements such as layout, content, CTA buttons, and forms, to enhance the user experience and maximise conversions.

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Our team is experienced in designing, setting up, managing, and reporting on PPC campaigns across multiple platforms. We have expertise in platforms such as Google Ads (Search and Display), LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads.

Audience Profile

We build audience profiles as part of the creation of highly targeted PPC advertising campaigns. By analysing demographics, interests, and online behaviour, we develop recommendations that align with your objectives and ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Website Audits and SEO Recommendations

Our experts conduct thorough website audits to evaluate its performance and identify areas for improvement. We provide detailed SEO recommendations, focusing on on-page optimisation, technical enhancements, content strategy, and user experience.

We offer a highly flexible, effective and cost-efficient solution for our clients, ensuring the highest possible ROI on their websites and paid online advertising efforts.

The TEMBO DIGITAL team can provide support either as stand-alone digital-only support or as part of a wider TEMBO IMPACT project.


For event businesses who need:​

 • Expertise and ideas - access to a dedicated team with expertise in various digital marketing strategies, platforms, and tactics

 • Targeted audience reach - we help you identify and engage your desired audience through targeted advertising, maximising event visibility.

 • Resource optimisation - outsourcing digital marketing allows you to optimise your internal resources and focus on core event-related tasks

Access data-driven insights - we use our expertise to analyse and interpret the data, providing you with timely recommendations, making sure your budget is fully optimised


Comprehensive experience in digital marketing - our team is knowledgeable and proactive

Flexibility and cost efficiency - our solutions are tailored to your specific needs ensuring the highest possible ROI

Reliable support - from initial planning to ongoing campaign management, we ensure consistent support, providing you with regular update

• In-depth knowledge of the events industry - ensuring targeted and effective digital marketing campaigns for event businesses.


How we work


We take the time to understand your business, goals and KPIs, timings and what you are trying to achieve, and advise and recommend approaches to achieve this.

Campaign Delivery

Once your project has been onboarded, you will be assigned an Account Manager, who will lead the project and be your main point of contact, managing with the wider team.

Progress Update

Where needed, we schedule regular calls and send over status reports on performance vs targets and any best practice recommendations.

Campaign Review

At the end of any project or campaign, we will send a final report or give a presentation with clear results, insights and recommendations included on next steps.




Social Media

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Marketing Delivery

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Content Production

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Exhibitor Support

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  • TEMBO has supplied some great people for us over the last year. The people they provide not only integrate themselves as a key part of the team to deliver a campaign, they also provide valuable creative and strategic thinking. TEMBO is always my first phone call if I'm in need of cover.
    Phil Boas
    Marketing Director - Events, Infopro
  • It has been great working with the TEMBO team. Their flexibility and can do attitude was exactly what we needed to bridge the gap for our marketing needs. I’d thoroughly recommend them, especially to any supplier for the events industry who needs some short to long term marketing support.
    Laura Tythcott
    Whitespace XPO
  • TEMBO has been the perfect solution for us. We needed maternity leave cover and Kate and her team have worked within our financial constraints to provide a layered approach to the project meaning we have the right skill and expertise at the right time. It's flexible, innovative and responsive to our business needs.
    Ben Cordle
    Marketing Director, New Scientist
  • TEMBO are always my first port of call as they offer a unique service for the events industry. Having someone to call on that can provide clued-up marketers who can hit the ground running is an innovative and valuable resource. Add in Kate's strategic expertise, training and support in the background and it's easy to see why TEMBO has provided the majority of my freelance and temporary marketing resource requirements this year.
    Duncan Reid
    Event Director, Clarion
  • We had a short-term gap in our team and asked Tembo to step in. I was impressed with their knowledge, structured approach and the speed of response. Tembo will be first on my list the next time I am in need of a marketing agency.
    Tracy Bebbington
    Event Director, Clarion
  • Can’t recommend Tembo highly enough. They’re professional, collaborative, incredibly cost effective and really pleasant and helpful to work with. We love them being an extension of our team
    Madeleine Cole
    Venture Business LTD
  • Tembo takes all of the stress out of running your event’s social media marketing. From strategy to execution, they have been great, I am looking forward to working on more campaigns with the team.
    Ali Reynolds
    Global Marketing Manager, Acuris
  • TEMBO IMPACT were brought in to assist with our campaign and were professional and easy to work with throughout. The event content was complex, but they adapted quickly and effectively to all challenges that were thrown their way. I look forward to working with the TEMBO team again in the near future.
    Reece Fung
    Marketing Manager, GovNet
  • TEMBO IMPACT were hired because of their expert knowledge of the events industry. They have created and implemented a social media campaign process for six of our events and after a successful run we are now pushing TEMBO across the company as the social media team for FCBI conferences and exhibitions.
    Mike Setters
    Head of Operations (& Energy Division), FCBI/Thomson Reuters
  • TEMBO IMPACT took on H&S North very last minute but managed to deliver an audience equal with the previous year. We were impressed at how quickly they picked it up, their skills and expertise. Therefore, we contracted TEMBO for our flagship H&S event. They're knocking it out of the park, and we're tracking 70% ahead of last year in pre-reg.
    David Bishop
    Event Director, Western Business Exhibitions, part of Nineteen Group
  • We've always enjoyed a strategic relationship with TEMBO IMPACT. They are truly a strategic partner in every sense and fulfil the role perfectly with expert advice coming from deep industry experience and up-to-date market knowledge. Service responsiveness and sincerity have always been top class and more importantly provided us with the most needed push to promote our values more aggressively... We truly cherish the relationship and are very proud in associating with TEMBO.
    Kaushik Sen
    Managing Director, Coconnex
  • “TEMBO has taken all the stress out of finding excellent freelancers to produce our events. The freelancers they provide are extremely professional and go above and beyond to deliver quality products. Couldn’t recommend them enough".
    Kim Palfrey
    Deputy Head of Production, Arena International
  • Thanks again for your help. It's been SUCH a breeze working with you! Between you and I, I've also been working with our HR team to recruit for other permanent positions and the level of candidates they've rounded up for me just do not compare to the candidates you've put forth so really pleased to be working with you!
    Economist Events
  • Tembo quickly onboarded into our small team to help deliver our ambitious Q1 2021 online events programme. They provided efficient and effective support - in terms of comms planning and implementing key aspects of event campaigns (comms packs, graphics, social posts, in-event support). They're efficient with account management aspects, always keeping us up-to-date on time/costs allocation via weekly meetings and updates, so we could plan ahead and manage costs. Not sure how we used to manage without them!
    Sophie Lock
    Low Carbon Homes
  • I've been using TEMBO CONTENT for a couple of years. Whenever I've needed short-term conference production support they always responded quickly and provide me with high-calibre freelancers. I'm very happy with the service they provide.
    Hannah Capstick
    Head of Conference Production & Content, Professionals Association Group, Haymarket Media Group
  • Working with TEMBO CONTENT allows us greater flexibility in our conference production team, always with the assurance of professionalism, expertise and speedy delivery!
    Alice MacGregor
    Head of Marketing & Content, Technology Europe, CloserStill Media
  • I was very happy with L's work. She was very organised and a great communicator. She was also very proactive and went beyond my expectations and really made the run up to the event smooth and stress-free.
    Emily Szweda
    Marketing Manager - Electrical Review, Data Centre Review, Image Reports, SJP Business Media
  • We had a great show. The TEMBO IMPACT team have done a terrific job and should be very pleased with themselves! They have really cemented themselves as an extension of my team, and I’m looking forward to working with them on our upcoming events in the series.
    Marketing Director
    Quartz Business Events
  • Tembo have been an integral part of our growth over the last few years. Their marketing expertise and sense of team means we have total trust in their ability to deliver. I’d recommend any growing media company engages with them.
    Marketing Director
    InstallerSHOW, Lyrical Communications, of the Nineteen Group
  • We couldn’t have chosen a better marketing partner to work with, Kate has been great in understanding our needs as a launch show and has been phenomenal in providing us expert advice and suggestions whenever needed. Also, the way TEMBO Impact works was perfect for us as they have experienced professionals for all sections of marketing and therefore served as a one stop shop for us!
    Esha Bark-Jones
    Founding Director, Workspace Design Show
  • TEMBO were pro-active in supporting the events team at Mash Media with marketing support and juggling ever changing client priorities. TEMBO were efficient in managing client expectations and tasks on time with excellent communication skills and time management in order to over deliver on the objectives set. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TEMBO to support sales and marketing objectives.
    Ed Bates
    Show Manager The Publishing Show, Mash Media
  • TEMBO are really good at getting on with things. They are a strong option for anyone who needs support quickly and wants to work with a team who can understand their needs readily and get going on their behalf with a minimum of fuss.

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